our partners form the bedrock of our work—we work closely with stakeholders within the legal system & benefit from grants that enable us to expand our services and outreach.

Legal settings & Maharashtra State Legal Services Authority
Legal settings & Maharashtra State Legal Services Authority


Given our experience in providing mental health services, Sukoon team provides training on various themes including mental health concerns, gendered psychotherapeutic practices, couple and family counselling, managing couple conflict, among others.

We have previously conducted trainings with court officials and other organisations focused on building sensitivities by addressing gender and mental health issues.

These trainings happen on request and can be customized to suit our partners’ needs. Kindly contact our coordinator for more details:

why partner?

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Legal settings in India see cases of child custody, domestic violence, marital discord, maintenance, property—in other words, they are fraught with distress. Underlying these disputes is society’s collective expectation of marriage and family that can be summed up as 'stay together despite the odds.' Add to this, the tedious process of going through the Court system, navigating red tape and publicly airing one’s private life. The subsequent stress that litigants face is tremendous.

Mental Health Care Services

Given that legal settings are a site that may trigger stressors and distress, there should be a provision of mental health services. Housing such services within courts gives those in distress access to affordable mental health services and brings the need for such services into public view. Being within the justice system and part of the routine process of legal settings helps to reduce stigma and encourages usage of such services.

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Project Sukoon emerged to bridge this gap and provide accessible, quality, non-discriminatory and free mental health care to all those availing legal setting services—via trained, sensitised, mental health professionals. By partnering with Sukoon, you will be contributing to the emotional well-being of litigants who approach court settings for matrimonial disputes.


as a donor you can sponsor a counselling session, adopt one of our centers or contribute towards our work through other resources

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