we provide quality, non-discriminatory & free mental health care to all those with matrimonial litigations — via trained, sensitised, mental health professionals.


Mental health professionals trained in couple and family therapy provide individual, couple and family counselling services at the ten Sukoon centres. Counsellors come from a feminist and strengths-based approach and are aware of the influence of socio-cultural contexts on the individual's mental and relational health. They are trained in a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches and tailor every session as per the individual and couple, focusing on individual and relational well-being.

safe space

The counsellors strive towards creating a safe, non-judgemental space in highly stressful and distressing legal settings, giving individuals and couples the comfort to express and explore.

managing conflict

Counsellors focus on conflict resolution between couples so as to enable couples to resolve differences in a healthy, non-volatile manner. Conflict resolution smoothens couple’s decision to reconcile or separate.

future planning

Counsellors also aid litigants in planning their futures. In case of reconciliation, conflict resolution mechanisms are established and counsellors work with perpetrators of domestic violence to ensure violence doesn't get repeated. In case of separation, counsellors work with individuals in the process of moving on after the end of a relationship.


Sukoon provides holistic services beyond talk therapy by connecting litigants to other psycho-social services when needed.

group work

Sukoon conducts workshops with litigants focused on addressing their mental health concerns. Such workshops for stress management and emotional well-being are often conducted through art and dance.

to avail our services please write to us, visit one of our centers or call us